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Auditorium Acoustics Design & Consulting 


Many houses of worship, event centers, concert halls, theatres & auditoria have highly reverberant spaces resulting in a non-conducive listening experience. This is due to the design as well as the choice of the various finishes used in the interior of these spaces; Acoutech provides consultancy & design services in the area of architectural acoustics, specifying various finishes that are ideal for the interior of your facilities so as to enhance their listening properties, knowing fully well that no two auditorium are the same. We collaborate with architects, building engineers, MEPs & other professionals to provide innovative design options for internal wall treatments & interior designs of your facilities, even when these facilities are in the drawing stages. Acoutech also provides acoustic designs and consultancy services for critical listening spaces such as recording studios, broadcast studios, conference & tele-presence rooms and cinema halls. 


Noise Control & Isolation Design


Acoutech provides designs and consultancy services for the control of both inbound and outbound noise transmission. We provide impact assessment (EIA) services on environmental, industrial & transportation noise; we develop noise maps, computer-aided designs to help mitigate the effect of these categories of noise. We also provide designs for control of inbound noise transmission for houses of worship, corporate meeting rooms, recording studios, broadcast studios and cinemas. We provide designs and options that will isolate your listening rooms from HVAC, generators and environmental noise. Other services include: noise protection solution for employees of industrial work places; noise isolation solution for crèches & day-care centres; noise control and acoustic solution for hospital recovery rooms and operating theatres. 


Sound Reinforcement Design & Integration


From very simple plug-and-play to large and complex projects, we provide bespoke solutions for all types of sound reinforcement systems designs for houses of worship, event halls, cinemas, theaters and arenas. Our approach is to build a computer model of your facility and then simulate the audio system performance therein. The performance of your design is known even before any purchase is made. We use industry-standard software packages to prepare drawings and specifications, to analyze and optimize your systems.


Audio-Visual Infrastructure Planning, Design, Integration & Management

We provides designs and solutions for various facilities where audio-visual technologies are utilized; such facilities include airports, malls, stadia, corporate training rooms, classrooms, campuses, corporate meeting rooms, lecture theaters, banking halls, houses of worship and houses of parliament. Our solutions include high-end distributed audio and public announcement systems, high-end A/V distribution over CATx infrastructure, high-end A/V distribution over fiber optic infrastructure and A/V delivery over IP networks. We also design for digital signage applications, video wall applications and medical collaborations.


A/V Projects Management


Acoutech can manage your A/V projects from inception to commissioning. We have the capacity both to lead and effectively utilize the resources of a multi-functional team in A/V projects while providing balance between good quality and cost. We use very effective methodologies and processes in our project planning, scheduling, monitoring and control and we deliver your projects just the way you want it.


Audio & Video Conference Systems Design and Integration

Acoutech provides audio and videoconference designs for houses of parliaments, conference rooms, press briefing rooms and corporate training rooms. We collaborate with highly reputable brands to give you the best of designs and experience.

Events Services


We provide sound reinforcement for every type of events – concerts, ceremonies, theatrical productions, conferences and worship services. You can also hire us as technical directors and engineers for your events or productions and we would manage the technical aspects (audio, video, multimedia, lighting, multi-track recording, broadcast and power engineering) of your event successfully. Our methodology is to provide that vital inter-connectivity that is needed between these components of your event.


Live Multitrack Recording & Post-Production


We provide the platform and expertise to do live multitrack recording of your concerts and theatrical productions. We also provide location multitrack audio recording for film/TV productions. We edit, mix-down and master these recordings for you. 


Our methodology and workflow assure of world-class standard, recording and production quality. 


Video Surveillance & Building Automation Systems Design & Integration


We provide design and integration for various forms of video surveillance and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. Our solutions include IP video system, analog video system, hybrid video system & license plate recognition (LPR) system. We also provide designs & solutions for the automatic centralized management and control of your building’s lighting, HVAC, appliances & entertainment system. You can maximize safety, comfort, convenience & energy savings by automating your buildings to react based on schedule or event. Our solutions include surveillance management, security control, lighting control, entertainment control energy management & access control.

Training Services


We offer a series of one, two, three & four-day seminars & short courses on audio, video & A/V subjects. Our topics address professionals at all levels and they cover theory, case studies and hands-on practice. The flexibility of our training programs are such that we provide training on request, on-site training and training retreats as the need arises.


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