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Our vision is to be the leading edge in acoustics, audio-visual, communications and media technologies design and integration


To provide technology solutions and services which give capacity, coverage, presence and efficiency for our clients. To integrate our clients into technology solutions that provide connectivity for those complex and mission-critical applications; to integrate our clients into technologies that help to give growth to their visions. 


Our corporate values are the wheels that drive our commitment, our designs and our solutions. We hold the values of 

  • Quality

  • Right customer experience

  • World-class performance


Our policy is to provide services and solutions that adhere to international standards and best practices for AV Projects. We are guided by InfoComm International’s ten standards of excellence:


  1. Complete solution – We work to provide a comprehensive system that meet out clients’ technology needs

  2. Informed Advice – We pursue a collaborative relationship with our clients to understand the needs and recommend solutions to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

  3. Best Value – We seek to give our clients the best possible value and return on investment.

  4. On-Going Technical Support – We provide on-going support for the systems we provide and supply through warranty and maintenance programs to ensure the systems usability and out client’s satisfaction.

  5. Systems Compatibility – We design or provide a seamless operational interface for components used in a rental environment or permanent installation to create a stable and viable system.

  6. Scalability – We design and integrate systems that promote ease-of-use, long-term cost-effectiveness and upgradability.

  7. Clear Scope of Work – We specify in our proposals and quotations all the necessary components and services required to create the AV system and we clearly call out and discuss any exceptions.

  8. Appropriate Documentation – We provide appropriate and complete documentation of the system as specified in the vendor’s proposal and quotation or consultant’s specification.

  9. Expert Training Staff – Our Staff are constantly keeping in touch with new developments in the various technologies that we provide and are in programs to become industry certified and to maintain their certification.

  10. Training Support – We are a source of professional training services to help the client become proficient in using the various technologies and systems that we provide and to advance their communications goals.


The driving qualities of the Acoutech world-class personnel

T Teachability – The personnel whose mind is always                open to learning and to increase his/her capacity.

E Ethics – The personnel with moral excellence, who                   conforms to acceptable standards and practices of business       behaviour.

A Availability – The personnel driven by unwavering                 commitment to our corporate vision and values and gives         his/her time to pursuing this vision.

M Motivation – The personnel whose inner work life is                healthy and who in turn inspires others within the team;          and who  then draws from that inspiration to bring about          a world-class performance.


M Maturity – The personnel who is complete in personality          and who is on the path to total development in all areas            of life.

A Astute – The personnel with intellectual abilities to                 penetrate deeply into ideas.

N Noble – The personnel of high character and impressive           appearance.

Who We Are

Acoutech is an acoustics, audio engineering, audio visual systems, ELV system, communications and media technology design and integration firm

Our mission is to integrate our clients into technology solutions that provide connectivity for those complex and mission-critical applications. Our designs and solutions provide capacity, coverage, presence and efficiency for our clients and integrate them into such technologies that help to give growth to their visions.


Our associates are highly skilled, astute and dedicated professionals who bring years of industry experience into various designs and service delivery. We have a dynamic team whose work is built upon the pillars of discipline, diligence, intelligence, innovation, faith and love; and our team attitude helps in sustaining our relationship with our clients. We are driven by the values of quality, right customer experience and world-class performance.

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